Best Investment Property Deals In Toronto

Toronto has the Best Real Estate Investment opportunities In Canada!

2022 Appreciation In Toronto*


vs. 7.6% Canada

2022 rent growth In Toronto*


vs. 3-7% Canada

* Forecasts provided by TRREB, CREA,

what give the best investment property cash flows in Toronto?


Break Even To Positive Cash Flow**


Lower Cash Flow**


Higher Negative Cash Flow**

Freeholds have more rentable square footage, more rentable units, a lower purchase price per square foot, and no condo fees. This maximizes rents and minimizes expenses to generate the best investment property rental cap rates and cash flows.

Where can I find the best real estate investment deals in Toronto?

Ask The Experts @ Elevate Realty!

Investment properties we find for our clients perform 94% better *** than typical properties in the Toronto real estate market!

*** Based on annual appreciation and rental income for all property types in the 416 area between 2018 to 2022.

We send out weekly deals for an exclusive, prequalified subset of clients based on your requirements for budget and renovations. You will be prescreened for readiness before we add you to the list to reduce competition during your active search process.

to get the best investment property deal out there, do your homework first.

Be 100% ready before you start your investment property search. Those who come out on top are those who do have their financing ready and know what exactly they want. Timing is critical and you will likely lose out if you stall on your offers.

What's your investment property budget?

With a higher budget, you can generate better investment rental income and face less buying competition. In other words, investment returns improve with a higher budget. 

Purchase Price: $1.0M - $1.1M

monthly cash flow**






Freeholds in this price range give a good balance of returns coming from positive cash flows and stable appreciation.

Purchase Price: $1.1 - $1.3M

monthly cash flow**






At this price range, you get improved cap rates and have less buying competition, which means better investment returns.

Purchase Price: $1.3M+

monthly cash flow**






Bigger multiplexes generate the best cap rates and have the least buying competition, which allow you to achieve the best real estate returns in Toronto.

* Based on a 5% interest rate, 30 year amortization, 80% LTV.

Do You Want to put in renovations?

The right renovations can give you a good bump in value-add appreciation in a short period of time. Typically, you can get more value-add appreciation with bigger projects. 

Minor renovations

Cost: $0-20K

Time: 0-2 weeks

Value-Add: Minimal

Cosmetic renovations

Cost: $20-80K

Time: 2-12 weeks

Value-Add: Some

Major renovations

Cost: $80K+

Time: 12 weeks+

Value-Add: More

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