Toronto Real Estate Investment Guide: A Beginner’s Toolkit To Real Estate Investing

Toronto Real Estate Investment Guide

If you don’t know what makes each property different, it can be hard to find the right Toronto real estate investment for you. Learn your options so you can make better real estate investing choices.

A Beginner's Toolkit To Real Estate Investing In Toronto

Key Differences

Find out how much you need and the differences between properties.

Investment Returns

See typical returns of different types of rental properties in Toronto.

The Full Details

If you want to know more, this full comparison report was made for you.

What's Best For You

Take our investment quiz to find out what's the best property for you.

Key Differences

We broke down the main differences between condos, houses, and commercial properties, which are the three most common types of investment properties in Toronto.

Let’s compare them based on purchase price, capital needs, mortgage needs, active management, cash flows, market appreciation, and value-add appreciation.

Purchase Price

Even though Toronto condos have the most expensive price per square foot, they have the least space, so their starting price is the lowest. The condition and finish of the item also change the price. If you buy a house that needs work, you might be able to get a better deal and get a bigger return on your investment after making improvements.

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