Make Leasing Out Your Investment Property Stress-Free.

Lease Out Your Property With No Stress.

We know what makes a great tenant and can handle the leasing process to help you secure one. From marketing, doing showings, credit checking, lease signing, to dealing with our in-house handymen, we provide a smooth property leasing experience from one tenant to the next.

We offer leasing services to our clients who purchase an investment property with us and charge one month’s rent for each completed lease. We find great tenants for you and it typically takes our team 28 days to lease out your unit.

Our Elevate Advantage

Detailed Due Diligence

We follow best practices when securing your tenant, so you find responsible tenants and meet legal responsibilities.

Electronic Signatures

We use a secure electronic signatures platform, so your lease agreements are conveniently signed and archived in a timely manner.

In-house Handyman

We work with our in-house handyman to make sure your unit is ready in a timely manner before your new tenant moves in.

Move-in Coordination

We take care of the time-consuming process between tenant transitions to give you a smooth and stress-free experience.

Our Turn-Key Property Leasing Process

Step 1

Marketing your property

We make your rental property shine! With high quality photos and professional ad copy, your unit is listed on all the top rental portals to give you the best chance for marketing success.

Step 2

Showing your property

We coordinate your tenant leads, from scheduling showings, meeting and showing your unit, to explaining to them how to move forward with an application.

Step 3

Reviewing potential tenants

We go through a comprehensive review to find you responsible tenants. This includes employment, income, credit, references, and even social media checks.

Step 4

Signing the lease

We set up and execute professional lease agreements in a timely manner to protect you and ensure your legal responsibilities are met as landlord.

Step 5

Moving in / out

We coordinate the entire tenant move-out / move-in process, from scheduling cleaners and repairs, facilitating key exchanges, to swiftly resolving any issues that arise.

Hear It From Our Clients

"I went with Elevate to do the leasing because I find that process stressful when I did it myself. They went above and beyond to rent out my garage space separately to bring me more cash flows. That is exceptional service!"
"Their leasing process was seamless. They go through all of the candidates, find the best ones, and do the background check. All of that is something we would have never known how to do and it would be so much more work. We've had such a great experience with our tenants!"

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