Billy Hsu, ​Sales Representative

As a real estate sales representative at Elevate, I am actively involved in acquiring, leasing, and managing investment properties. I am a strong believer in the principles of value investing. So, I strive to guide like-minded investors towards the same vision by sourcing, negotiating, and leasing great investment properties. My focus is on training and informing investors, so they can mitigate and manage risks while achieving predictable and stable returns.

My passion for real estate investing started in 2008, after I purchased my first investment property. I realised that I am really great at it and spent the last decade gaining experience in investment sales, acquisitions, leasing, and property management so I can use my skills to help other investors.

Being a full-time property manager prior to my current sales role, I am well versed in the entire process of real estate investing. On top of this, I’m also happy to share my personal experience in improving and managing my own properties, so investors can get first-hand experience of what it really takes to be a real estate investor.

When I’m not working out in my spare time, you’ll probably find me enjoying great food and drinks with family and friends.