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Toronto Real Estate Investments Total Returns Calculator

Total Return Projections

Project investment property rental income, cash flows, and total returns over a set period.

Variable Mortgage Trigger Rate Calculator

Estimate what your variable mortgage trigger rate may be when interest rates rise.

How much do you need to invest in Toronto real estate

How Much Money Do you Need?

Find out how much money you need to start investing in real estate in Toronto.

"I had trouble finding the right properties when I was trying to do it on my own. Elevate's expertise is in residential rental real estate whereas regular agents don't know about that - like leasing, property management, maintenance, tax implications so they made it very simple for a first time investor like me!"
Marko K.
"I appreciate working with Elevate because they know what a landlord goes through, how to deal with tenants, and make a great bridge between the two. They’re always available and quick to guide me through how to work through a problem. That’s why I will continue to work with Elevate for my real estate investing needs."
Ryan F.
"Love the team here! I have been working with them to grow and manage my real estate investment portfolio for years now. They have always lived up to their promise of putting their clients first. They have taken the unknowns out of the real estate investment market and make you feel comfortable every step of the way."
Dennis W.

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