Nam Kim, Property Manager

My interest in real estate was sparked when I purchased my very first property. The excitement of buying a property was terrific, but it was also daunting to figure out how to manage it. 

Having experienced the challenges of being a homeowner, I strive to assist clients to the best of my ability with their homes. My mission is to offer quality management services and advice to our clients.

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I have worn different hats while working in various industries. My career began as a manager at a busy Toronto restaurant, where I learned the value of being detail-oriented while providing the best experience for our guests. 

Later, I transitioned into an independent host for Airbnb. Spending five years in this role, I learned the importance of positive communication and problem-solving, especially in high-urgency situations. I also developed the skill of fostering positive relationships with the various people I had the opportunity to engage with.

I am eager to continue learning and growing together with the Elevate Realty team!

On my days off, you will often find me on a soccer pitch, next to a fishing rod near a lake, or spending quality time with my friends and family.